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“In the Housing First model, a dwelling is not a reward that a homeless person receives once their life is back on track. Instead, a dwelling is the foundation on which the rest of life is put back together. When a person has a roof securely over their head it is easier for them to focus on solving their other problems.” (Y-Saatio, 2017)

The principles and approach of Housing First underpin a large part of our Strategy to End Homelessness in WA. In early 2019, we commissioned the development of some early-stage exploration into this approach in the WA setting, including the creation of a number of resources for the community sector and others working to end homelessness.

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Housing First Principles for Australia

The Housing First Principles for Australia have been developed to promote the implementation of Housing First Australia-wide. The principles were adapted from those in the United States, Canada, Europe and England. This consistent and locally relevant set of principles is intended to be used in the Australian context to train staff, and to design services that use a Housing First approach. Developed by Rosie Dodd (Launch  Housing), Natasha Rodrigues (Micah Projects), Tamara Sequeira (Homelessness NSW), and Leah Watkins (Ruah Community Services). 


Housing First: The answer to the question...

This discussion paper provides the history and background of Housing First from around the world before offering guiding principles and questions for Perth to consider in order to transition to a housing led system. Written by Niall Rhatigan and Elsie Blay.


Housing First Printable Resources 

This set of resources offer the Housing First principles and key questions to consider in the process of transitioning to a Housing First approach. They can be printed and used to help inform your staff or stakeholders who will be part of this journey. Developed by Niall Rhatigan and Elsie Blay.


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International Research & Examples

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Housing First Ireland  

This presentation was prepared for Homelessness Week 2019 in Western Australia. Bob Jordan is the Housing First National Director at Dublin City Council. It provides insights into Housing First and how it was implemented in Dublin. View Presentation.

A Home of Your Own Handbook


This book describes in detail why Finland has become the only EU country where homelessness is on the decline. It also gives voice to the people who now have homes in supported housing units or scattered housing. Read handbook.

Housing First or Housing Led? The current picture of Housing First in England 

Homeless Link, 2015

This report summarises evidence about the scale of the current use of Housing First in England, how it is funded, and the challenges and opportunities for rolling it out on a national scale. It finally examines the gaps in current evidence, policy and practice that could be addressed to help Housing First be credible housing solution to people experiencing multiple disadvantage across England. Read the report.

Housing First Checklist 

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

This checklist was designed to help you make a quick assessment of whether and to what degree housing
programs — and entire systems — are employing a Housing First approach. Robust tools and instruments are
available elsewhere to quantitatively measure program quality and fidelity to Housing First. Download here.

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