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The WA Alliance to End Homelessness supports the following campaigns and we encourage you to do the same! Follow the links below to learn, be inspired, and share the messages. 

Everybody's Home

There’s no doubt about it; Australia’s housing system is broken. From people wanting to buy their very first house, to others struggling to just find a safe roof over their heads, it’s clear that the system just isn’t working for everyone.


But there really are simple things our government can do to fix this:


1. Support for first home buyers

2. More social and affordable homes

3. A better deal for renters

4. Relief for chronic stress

5. A plan to end homelessness


So join the campaign now, and together, we can make our decision makers fix this broken housing system.


Make Renting Fair

Everyone should have safe, secure housing, even if they rent.
The Make Renting Fair Alliance is a coalition of Western Australia’s peak housing bodies and stakeholders, and people who rent their home. 


We are working together for secure, affordable and healthy homes for more than 700,000 West Australian renters.

  • End unfair evictions

  • Allow reasonable modifications

  • Create minimum standards

  • Stabilise rent increases

  • Better protection for Boarders & Lodgers

  • Allow pets

  • Quick, fair & consistent dispute resolution

  • A better deal for public housing tenants

  • Increase access to tenancy advocacy & information

  • Privacy


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