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The WA Alliance to End Homelessness is committed to ending homelessness in WA. This outcome will only be achieved through a whole of society response.

Strategy 2.0

It is now five years since the WA Alliance released its strategy V1.0 to end homelessness in 2018. In 2023 we undertook a mid-point review of our 10-Year Strategy to End Homelessness 2018-2028 and sought feedback and input from the community and sectors working in the area to inform and guide our revised Strategy, V2.0.


With Strategy 2.0 we have worked to simplify the document to more quickly identify who we are, what we do and how we work with the many sectors to achieve our common goal.


Ending Homlessness is possible, this is our updated strategy, and theory of change that reflects the combined inputs from the community recorded in the sessions. We now have a clearer picture of the work that needs to occur going forward and what can be done across local government, organisations and the business community to align our efforts towards ending homelessness. We hope you can join us in our efforts and see how your contribution can help us achieve our aim

Strategy 1.0

The first version of the Western Australia Strategy to End Homelessness was launched on Friday, 13 April 2018. It was developed collaboratively with hundreds of stakeholders of the WA homelessness eco-system.


This is the guiding document for how we can collectively end homelessness in Western Australia, and will be updated regularly throughout the 10-year period by the WA Alliance to End Homelessness.

Read the strategy here (or click the image). If you have feedback or questions about the strategy, please contact the Alliance at

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