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Community Views on Homelessness

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The Research Report on Community Views on Homelessness Perth, Western Australia was commissioned by The WA Alliance to End Homelessness in partnership with Shelter WA in 2021. The report illustrated that overall there is an increase in community compassion for those people experiencing homelessness with a strong desire for greater action to address the issue.


The survey indicated that 94 per cent of Western Australians believe that becoming homelessness can occur outside of an individual’s control with 89 per cent of West Australians expressing the understanding that homelessness can happen to anyone and 61 per cent of respondents agreeing that no one chooses to be homeless.

Community concern around the impact homelessness has on society, including perceptions of an increase in crime, violence and antisocial behaviour was also highlighted in the report.

The Survey was conducted by Know L’Edge.

A Copy of the report is available here

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