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Windows into Homelessness

Using 360° video technology to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling methods and immerse viewers in experiences of homelessness in Perth, this video provides a platform for the voices of people experiencing homelessness and just one way for people to gain greater empathy and understanding of the realities of homelessness. "It is helpful to listen to the stories of homeless individuals and learn about their lives.

Developed by Michelle Bunting (Anthropol) and Luke Griffiths for the Centre for Social Impact UWA (CSI UWA), the film was created with significant support and guidance from organisations including Ruah Community Services, St Bartholemew's House, and St Patrick's Community Support Centre.

Individuals who have experienced homelessness in Perth also gave significant guidance and feedback, and in some cases provided their stories, including Ian Bingham who features in the film.


It's best viewed using a virtual reality headset with over-ear headphones. If not available, it is recommended to be viewed on a portable device such as a smartphone with headphones.

Josh & His Homelessness Journey

Homelessness Plight

Tenant Josh speaks about his journey from homelessness to being housed with Access Housing. Watch the video here.

There are more than 10 thousand people sleeping rough in WA putting huge demand on our social services. It's hoped Homeless Persons Week will shine a spotlight on those forced to live and sleep on the streets or in their cars. Watch the video here.

Homelessness Hub

Led by housing and homelessness peak body Shelter WA, in partnership with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and Local Government Professionals (LGPro) the Local Government Homelessness Knowledge Hub is supported by Lotterywest.

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