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Co-Design Resources

“Co-designing = collaborating, including and designing WITH people that will use, deliver or engage with a service or product” (Ingrid Burkett, 2016)

In late 2018, WA Alliance to End Homelessness commissioned the Centre for Social Impact UWA to undertake a project to better understand co-design and how we can apply it to ending homelessness in Western Australia. The resources below were developed for the benefit of everyone working to end homelessness in WA and are free to download and use.

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Co-design Review - Literature & Practice

This review of co-design literature and practice provides us with a strong foundation to understand co-design and how it has been applied to similar settings.

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Action Plan Co-design Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for a facilitator or group to pick up and use. So that any community or cohort group can create their own action plan.

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Case Study - Youth Action Plan to End Homelessness

This case study takes you on a visual journey of how we applied and tested the Action Plan Co-design Toolkit.

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Danjoo Koorliny - Walking together towards everyone having a place to sleep and call home

Insights on a co-design process for Aboriginal housing and homelessness. These as well as the Action Plan Co-design Toolkit give a good indication of what is possible for Collaborative Procurement processes.

If you have any questions about these resources, please contact

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