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Reimagining Indigenous Housing, Health and Wealth

Kerry Arabena, Chris Holland and Shane Hamilton | May 2021

Reimagining Indigenous Housing, Health and Wealth: The Necessary Ecological Response to Unlock the Potential in the Indigenous Estate – proposes an ecological approach to realising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ aspirations for a high standard of health and housing, and of personal and collective wealth...... Read the Report

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Aboriginal Experiences of Housing First

The University of Western Australia | April 2021

This insightful piece of research delves into the drivers and experiences of Aboriginal people experiencing homelessness and looks at the challenges in addressing housing needs as well as implications for Housing First in an Aboriginal context. ractice look at handling tent encampments at any place..... Read the Report

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Handling Tent Encampments: Best Practice

Institute of Global Homelessness | January 2021

A best practice look at handling tent encampments at any place..... View the Slides

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Research Report Community Views on Homelessness, Western Australia

Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness & Shelter WA | January 2021

This report which gauges our Community Views on Homelessness was commissioned by the Alliance in partnership with Shelter WA. It shows increasing levels of compassion for those experiencing homelessness and growing desire to address the issue.The report shows that people are very concerned about the impact homelessness has on society, including perceptions of an increase in crime, violence and antisocial behaviour..... Read the Report


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All Paths Lead to a Home: Western Australia's 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020 - 2030 

Department of Communities | December 2019

The research informing this Strategy has not only included input from academics, but has also included consultation with service providers around the State, input from Government agencies, engagement with the community, and insights from people with lived experience..... Read the Report

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Use of homelessness services by contemporary ex-serving Australian Defence Force members 2011–17: summary report

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare | August 2019

Between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2017, 1,215 contemporary ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members used specialist homelessness services (SHS), representing 1.1% of the contemporary ex-serving ADF population (those who have at least 1 day of service on or after 1 January 2001 who discharged after that date). Ex-serving ADF members who were women, younger or had less ADF experience were more likely to be SHS clients.... Read the Report

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Midland Connections Week 2019 Evaluation Report

Indigo Junction | August 2019

Indigo Junction released its Evaluation Report on the Midland Connections Week data which helps build a profile of the picture of homelessness in Midland by exploring the themes of health, justice, risk and vulnerability. Midland Connections Week, an offset of Registry Week, was undertaken in May by Indigo Junction in partnership with the City of Swan. The report gathered information on 149 people experiencing homelessness in Midland including 52 children.... Read the report

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Older renters living on the edge in Western Australia Summary Report

The University of Adelaide | August 2019

The Ageing on the Edge Project reports on the situation facing older renters in Western Australia, and what can be done about it. It is a partnership between Dr Debbie Faulkner from the University of Adelaide and Jeff Fiedler from the Housing for the Aged Action Group and funded by The Wicking Trust. Produced in collaboration with Council on the Ageing WA and a Reference Group of key WA agencies and individuals, the report highlights the rapidly growing problems facing many older people in WA.... Read the report

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Insights into Hardship and Disadvantage in Perth WA:

The 100 Families Baseline Report

Centre for Social Impact UWA | August 2019

The 100 Families WA project began in . earnest in July 2018, and seeks to build a deep, rich understanding of entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia by researching with rather than on those experiencing it. Community Conversations with those with lived experience, facilitated by the UWA Consumer and Community Health Research Network, informed the topics that our data collection explores, the language used in recruitment materials, and the methods of recruitment... Read the report

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Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2019 Report

Centre for Social Impact UWA | August 2019

This report aims to synthesise existing data and connect that to what we know in terms of the thinking, responses and initiatives in Western Australia that are currently emerging. Importantly, this report captures the voices of people who have a lived experience of homelessness as well as practitioners working in the sector... Read the report

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People in short-term or emergency accommodation: a profile of Specialist Homelessness Services clients

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare | March 2019

On Census night in 2016, around 21,200 Australians were in supported accommodation for the homeless (ABS 2018)—living in hostels for the homeless, night shelters, or refuges. This report presents, for the first time, a comprehensive analysis of people experiencing homelessness in Australia living in short-term or emergency accommodation, over a 4 year period, using the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC)... Read the Report

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Specialist homelessness services annual report 2017-18

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare | February 2019

The specialist homelessness services 2017–18 web report is the seventh annual report from the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC). It describes the characteristics of clients of specialist homelessness services, the services requested, outcomes achieved, and unmet requests for services during 2017–18)... Read the Report


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Couch surfers: a profile of Specialist Homelessness Services clients

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare | December 2018

Couch surfers are among the most hidden groups of people experiencing homelessness. This report explores the circumstances, experiences and housing outcomes of couch surfers who sought assistance from specialist homelessness services between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2015... Read the Report


The Health and Social Costs of Women Sleeping Rough in Australia's Cities

Centre for Social Impact UWA | November 2018

Based on interviews with 853 women sleeping rough in Australia’s cities using the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritisation Decision Tool over the period 2010-2017, this analysis provides the first detailed picture using non-administrative data of the physical and mental health outcomes and broader life experiences of women sleeping rough in Australia... Read the Report


Housing, homelessness and mental health: towards systems change

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited | November 2018

This research progresses the priority areas identified by the National Mental Health Commission (Commission) and provides evidence about the systemic issues and policy levers that need to be addressed to provide more and better housing and more and better services for people with lived experience with mental ill health... Read the Report

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Tackling health disparities among people experiencing homelessness - the impact of Homeless Healthcare

Homeless Healthcare, University of WA | October 2018

Since its small beginnings in 2008, Homeless Healthcare has made massive strides in providing healthcare and support to a vulnerable population group that often falls through the cracks of the health system. This is a patient cohort with highly complex health and psychosocial needs, often compounded by trauma. The demand for the type of specialist homelessness GP care provided by HHC is growing, with hospitals and homelessness services across Perth continuing to see many people who are homeless with complex health needs and without a GP.... Read the Report

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Ending street homelessness in the inner city - Adelaide Zero Project

Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Adelaide

Australian Centre for Community Services Research, Flinders University | August 2018

This report is a reflection on the evolution of the Adelaide Zero Project to date and the role of the Zero Research Project and research team in its establishment; the development and refinement of its underpinning architecture; and the (operational) supporting structures and actions designed to progress efforts for ending street homelessness in the inner city... Read the Report


Homelessness in Western Australia: A review of the research and statistical evidence

Department of Communities; Centre for Social Impact UWA | August 2018

This report presents an overview of homelessness in Western Australia: its nature, composition, antecedents and consequences, and the policy and practice responses that should be considered to address it... Read the Report


Housing First: Permanent Supported Housing

Council to Homeless Persons | June 2018

Housing First permanent supportive housing programs quickly move people with complex needs experiencing chronic homelessness into permanent housing with flexible and individual support for as long as needed. Australian and international evidence strongly supports Housing First Programs as the most effective way of addressing chronic homelessness, including rough sleeping... Read the Report

Australian Homeless Monitor 2018

Launch Housing | May 2018

Launch Housing has commissioned this report, conducted by independent researchers at the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland for this first-of-its kind authoritative insight into the current state of homelessness in Australia... Read the Report


The State of Homelessness in Australia's Cities: A Health and Social Cost Too High

Centre for Social Impact UWA | April 2018

This study represents the first analysis of the consolidated Registry Week data across Australia. The consolidated Registry Week data provides the largest and richest collection of information on people experiencing homelessness in Australian capital and regional cities outside the Census and the national administrative data for homelessness services, the Specialist Homelessness Services Collection... Read the Report


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The opportunities, risks and possibilities of social impact investment for housing and homelessness

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited | August 2017

This study investigated the opportunities and risks for social impact investments (SII) to improve housing and homelessness outcomes in Australia. It described what social impact investing is and its application to housing and homelessness policy in Australia, as well as examined different finance models and structures, SII markets and case studies.... Read the Report

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50 Lives 50 Homes - First Year Evaluation Project

Centre for Social Impact UWA, Ruah | June 2017

A new research study report on a campaign to house rough sleepers shows how long term homelessness is associated with high levels of health problems, trauma and disability. 50 Lives 50 Homes is a project aimed at rapidly housing and supporting Perth’s most vulnerable rough sleepers. Within its first year, the project has housed 42 individuals and 8 families... Read the Report


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The financing, delivery and effectiveness of programs to reduce homelessness

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited | October 2016

The study was funded by AHURI and is the first of its kind in Australia and uses data from the Australian Homelessness Funding and Delivery Survey. The aim of the study was to assess the implications of the current funding environment for meeting growing demands for services to support the homeless in Australia... Read the Report

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Couchsurfing Students: The Yarra Ranges Youth Homelessness Prevention Project

Centre for Social Impact UWA | April 2016

The study investigates the experiences of, and perceptions toward, couch surfing secondary students in the Yarra Ranges Shire. It seeks to provide evidence to better understand how to intervene earlier rather than later, and to ensure that services, like Anchor and OELLEN, are more able to effectively support the needs of schools who are at the ‘coalface’ of early stage homelessness in youth... Read the Report


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Cost of Youth Homelessness in Australia - Final Report 

Centre for Social Impact UWA | June 2015

Affordable Housing remains a key issue facing Australia on both the State and Federal levels. The Community Perceptions Report: Public Housing and Homelessness has helped to identify and articulate some of the issues that contribute to this crisis... Read the Report


Community Perceptions Report 2015 Public Housing and Homelessness

Anglicare WA | April 2015

Homelessness is the ultimate experience of disadvantage and social exclusion. In 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that there were 44,000 young Australians under the age of 25 who were homeless on Census night. On the same night, the Census count was 105,000, underlining the fact that children and young people are a significant proportion of those who experience homelessness.. Read the Report

For other relevant resources, head to the National Alliance To End Homelessness page.