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Rough Sleeper Response

Housing authorities across Australia have housed rough sleepers at an unprecedented rate demonstrating how quickly significant progress can be made in a very short period. The response in housing rough sleepers during the period of a pandemic is the largest to date in Australian history and for this reason capturing and consolidating the data is imperative.

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness is working with Micah Projects and the Centre for Social Impact UWA to gather together information across Australia on the number of those sleeping rough who have been provided with temporary accommodation under state and territory COVID-19 responses.

Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, Executive Officer John Berger is capturing the WA response to housing rough sleepers. In March the state government announced around 20 people experiencing homelessness were moved into Perth's Pan Pacific hotel as part of a "Hotels with Heart" pilot. In April 43 rough sleepers were provided with temporary accommodation and support at Woodman Point. Despite the likelihood that the number of rough sleepers accommodated is well below the true number, having these figures will help argue the health and economic case for ending rough sleeping now. Figures will be captured monthly and an analysis will be conducted by Professor Paul Flatau, the Director at the Centre for Social Impact UWA.


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