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Home Hub

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Advertise your empty homes and accommodation.

HOME HUB helps you solve your housing and vacancy problem.

Do you wish that there was somewhere to advertise your empty homes and accommodation to people? Frustrated by the cold hard fact that there are people out there who need your homes and accommodation but can’t access a ‘one-stop’ Home Hub to find you?

Facing the problem of the wasted time and money this results in? We know that for some sectors, having one empty room/home can cost you over $100k per year!

For others, accessing safe, secure and affordable longer-term housing pathways for people to leave supported housing can be costly and frustrating, preventing other people from getting the help that they should receive.

Those days of a home being empty do add up, and it’s a costly problem for you to ignore. Even worse, if your competitors work with us to solve that problem - what does that mean for you?

We have the solution - contact us to advertise on the Home Hub.

Launching in September 2019, Home Hub is the first and only social and affordable housing advertising service in Australia. Through collaboration with Shelter WA, Home Hub is also WA’s housing and homelessness services directory for members of the public. Even better, we are working with WACOSS to connect the Home Hub with ER Connect for a coordinated housing and emergency relief response.

An independent, centralised and coordinated solution, Home Hub is managed by a WA based not-for-profit, Hygge Community Life Ltd. (with registered charitable status), and will advertise all types of housing and accommodation services as well as vacancies from crisis to long-term community housing. People now have a ‘one-stop’ Home Hub to access and use.

Iain Shields - Founder and Board Director - Hygge Community Life Ltd.

Proudly working with the WA State Government, and supported by a range of social services peak bodies including WACOSS, Shelter WA, CHIA WA, Tenancy WA, WAAMH, CoMWHA, NDS WA, REIWA and many more, we’re here to help you solve your problems.

We’re working together as both specialist sectors, and as a broader social services industry, to reduce and prevent housing stress and poverty across Western Australia.

What are you waiting for, if you want to improve your services to people, improve your bottom line, and be part of the future of housing in Western Australia, contact us now.


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