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Collaborative Lead Group

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This meeting was a continuation of a previous Collaborative Lead Group session held on 10 July 2020 to work primarily on an agreed governance and accountability framework.

Based on feedback from the last Collaborative Lead Group meeting it was agreed the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (Alliance), would consider a range of options including the instalment of a smaller advisory group to provide functional support and guidance on behalf of the Lead Group.

The Executive Officer of the Alliance, John Berger drew up a list of three options including two advisory group options in a paper tabled with the Collaborative Lead Group.

The workshop then worked through the three options to determine the best way forward. In the resulting discussion it was decided to adopt an Advisory Group kept to a workable size of nine people as the best approach. The members of the Advisory Group are to be drawn from the larger Collaborative Lead group. Of the nine, one representative must be from Shelter WA and another must have lived experience of homelessness.

A “nominations” process will now be drafted for those members who wish to join the nine-person Advisory Group. Representatives of the Advisory Group will be drawn from the 22 people who are currently a part of the Collaborative Lead Group.

In further discussion what the delineation between the two groups was then determined. The Alliance now consists of:

● The Collaborative Lead sets the broad direction of the Alliance and advises and decides on key decisions. The Group requires broad representation of the community and sector.

● Advisory Group who will provide operational support on behalf of the Lead Group.

The roles and responsibilities of each group were agreed upon and there will be a Statement of Intent (MOU) with Shelter WA as the backbone organisation.

The Alliance which will remain active through regular events including Pulse Meetings to provide the broader membership an opportunity to engage in its work and the Alliance will provide regular updates about the strategy to End Homelessness.

Stay tuned to our social media for further updates on the work of the Alliance.


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