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Budget Position

The WA Alliance to End Homelessness supports the Everybody’s Home campaign to build more social and affordable housing. They are calling for an investment in 25,000 social housing dwellings annually.

Everybody’s Home believes that they can fix Australia’s broken housing system, and make sure that every Australian can access housing that is safe, affordable, and meets their needs.

Australians need more social and affordable housing to support the four in ten of us who rent. A secure home is the foundation of a stable family and a strong community. Take it away, and families are pushed into poverty and insecurity. Worsening rental affordability is another consequence of COVID. We need the government to take action by building more social housing to fill the huge shortfall of affordable rentals.

By constructing 25,000 social homes we would generate an economic output of $12.7 billion, create 15,700 jobs and add $4.7 billion to GDP.

Read their Budget Position Paper here. Download the Fact Sheet.


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