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 Healing Families and Families Healing


Is an in-home support service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in the Perth metropolitan area and in contact with the statutory child protection system.


What is the Aboriginal Support Service:

The Aboriginal in home support service is a unique service that has been established to provide support to Aboriginal families living in the Perth metropolitan area who have complex needs are currently in contact with the statutory child protection system.  This service can provide support if you are:

  • Working with the Department to have your children returned to you (Reunification through the Children in Care Team)

  • Working with the Department to keep your children safely at home with you (Intensive Family Support Team)

  • In contact with the Family Support Network or the Department because there are some significant safety concerns for your children (FSN or State-wide Referral and Response Service)


Wungening Moort is a 12-month program, with 16 weeks of intensive support.


What is the Aim of the Service?

Wungening Moort aims to provide Aboriginal children and families with a culturally responsive and secure service so that children can stay safely at home with their families and communities.


Who is Wungening Moort?

Wungening Moort are a Consortium of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations who have come together to support our families to keep their children safely at home and diverted from the child protection system.  We are:

  • Wungening Aboriginal Corporation (lead agency)

  • Ebenezer Home

  • Moorditj Koort

  • Coolabaroo Community Services

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