Ending Homelessness Project Updates – What’s happening next

Updated: Nov 4

You’ve heard of the new Zero Project that will be doing Housing First coordination for WA and the By-Name List, but was does it mean in practice and how does it work?

Join us as we help Ruah launch the Zero Project and show how it will be using the Advance to Zero (known as Built for Zero in America) and Housing First approaches to end homelessness.

This Pulse Session will clearly outline how the Zero Project and the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness will work together through a cross-over of current work and projects and how it compliments our 10-year Strategy to end homelessness.

It will feature opportunities to hear about the work of both the Alliance and the Zero Project, and to sit down with team members for more detailed discussions on the range of upcoming initiatives.

Hosted by Zero Project Manager, Leah Watkins and Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Executive Officer, John Berger this session is for anyone who is interested in getting an overall picture of the directions being undertaken by the Alliance in partnership with Ruah.

Each Pulse Session is open to the public - all are welcome.

Date: Wednesday, 25 November | 9:30am to 12:00pm.

Location: The Platform 3/256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions please RSVP via Eventbrite.

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