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Re-Engaging in Community

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

United Way WA is looking for participants to apply for their Re-Engaging in Community program.

Are you someone who has experienced homelessness, are now re-homed but struggling to go out and explore your community? United Way WA understand this can be a lonely time, so this program aims to:

- Develop a feeling of belonging.

- Build confidence.

- Explore your local area.

- Revisit your past interests.

- Find out about events in your area.

- Feel supported.

- Re-Engage in Community.

- Feelings of disconnection can affect your physical and mental health and can also trigger old patterns of behaviour.

From feedback received through their workshops, they have carefully crafted a program that encourages reconnection with community, revisiting past interests and discovering new ones, all with someone by your side to help. They have empathetic buddies with time, understanding and connection in the local community.

Visit the website here or email here.


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