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Pulse Session 2021: Evaluation Dashboard

At this session participants were introduced to the 2021 updated Dashboard.

Referred in full as the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Outcomes Measurement Framework: Dashboard it was first released in August 2019. Version 2.0 came in February 2020. Each time the document aims to answer the question if we are ‘on track’ to end homelessness in Western Australia?

The Dashboard provides trends in key targets and a brief commentary on these trends.


Professor Paul Flatau, Director of the UWA Centre for Social Impact (CSI UWA) as lead author launched the 2021 Dashboard. You can check the Launch presentation by clicking on the slide show below.

Flatau Dashboard_Slides 2021
Download PPTX • 8.89MB

The WAAEH Strategy to End Homelessness articulates nine targets to be achieved in the 10-year timeframe. The Dashboard is organised around those targets. It contains a strong, though still evolving set of indicators related to reducing and ending homelessness itself, and preventing homelessness through addressing ‘structural’ and ‘individual’ drivers of homelessness.

The authors are Paul Flatau, Leanne Lester, Jenny Fairthorne, Kiara Minto, Katherine Mok, Zoe Callis. The Dashboard is supported by Lotterywest.

[L-R] Prof. Paul Flatau, Director of the UWA Centre for Social Impact and John Berger, Executive Officer, Alliance.

You can read the Dashboard here.

Further commentary on how WA is progressing in ending homelessness will be provided in The Ending Homelessness in Western Australia 2021 Report to be released next month as part of a Homelessness Week event. You can RSVP to the event here.


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