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Housing Pulse Meeting

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Representatives from government, not-for-profit sector, businesses, and the community came together for the WAAEH Pulse meeting for 2019.

To facilitate engagement, alignment and collaborative opportunities throughout WA’s homelessness eco-system, the WA Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH) has established a series of regular touch points including meetings offering progress updates, discussions, workshops, and a pop-up co-working space.

The Pulse Meeting on 13 February 2019 focused on several topics:

- Data and measurement;

- The State Government Directions Paper;

- Housing Supply; and

- My Health Record.

Before the break-out conversations, the Director of the Centre for Social Impact UWA, Professor Paul Flatau, walked the audience through the development of an outcomes measurement framework for the Alliance and the whole WA homelessness eco-system.

Prof. Flatau focused on several targets contained within The Western Australian Strategy to End Homelessness and explained the need to operationalise progress against broad targets by setting up systems to monitor progress. A paper on the outcomes measurement framework is expected by August 2019.

While acknowledging the complexity in the system Prof. Flatau encouraged participants to give feedback about data and measurement after his presentation had concluded.

Alliance representative Sam Knight feedback session on the State Government Directions Paper . Participants could read parts of an early draft and provide constructive feedback.

Alliance representative Kathleen Gregory facilitated a conversation around housing supply and homelessness. Discussions looked included social housing, opportunities for first home buyers and the need for access to the private rental market.

Kirsten Beckingham a representative from the WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) led an informational discussion about My Health Record, allowing anyone in attendance to find out how the system affects them or their organisation’s consumers.

Can you assist? Pulse meetings are an opportunity to contribute to planning and development, project ideas, and addressing key challenges in an open space co-working format.

Check out our meetings in 2019 and register here.


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