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No Wrong Door

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

As the ‘No Wrong Door’ homelessness co-design process approaches the midway point, the team at Department of Communities are inviting interested parties to attend a second walkthrough. This hour-long session will provide the opportunity to see what is being done in the co-design workshops, give feedback and contribute to the process.

The first of the three core workshops was held early this year and it started the collaborative design process with the No Wrong Door co-design team and Communities. The design process is being led and facilitated by Jethro Sercombe and Katie Stubley at the Centre for Social Impact UWA.

The purpose of the workshops are to bring the current information and research of what the current homelessness system looks like and why a ‘No Wrong Door’ system currently doesn’t exist for people experiencing homelessness.

‘No Wrong Door’ means that people can get help regardless of which service or agency they connect with. Currently among sector organisations and individuals, there are different meanings of what a ‘No Wrong Door’ system looks like in practice. Part of the co-design process includes developing a collective understanding of what a ‘No Wrong Door’ system means in this context.

An update on the project, workshop summary and walkthrough details can be found on the No Wrong Door homepage.

The second Homelessness ‘No Wrong Door’ Walkthrough Session is being held on Thursday 12 March between 3:00pm-4:00pm at the John McGrath Hall, 97 Hensman Street, South Perth.

Please note, this is not a workshop but an informal open room where anyone interested in the homelessness sector or the ‘No Wrong Door’ project can come and see where the project is at, give feedback and ask questions.

For any questions prior to the event contact or on the day call 0432 831 723.


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