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July By-Name List Data now live!

The July data from the WA By-Name List has just been made available.

The Perth metropolitan area indicates a decrease in the overall count of active individuals experiencing homelessness compared to June figures. The data shows a total of 1,038 individuals were either sleeping rough or using temporary shelter and includes 58 newly identified individuals. Among those listed, 47 percent received case management support, and 25 individuals were successfully moved into permanent housing.

Sadly, we must also state that the data has recorded two deaths in the July period.

Progress in Achieving Permanent Housing

Out of the 25 individuals who secured permanent housing, the distribution includes five allocations to public housing, nine to community housing, and an additional three who successfully secured private rentals.

Nghia Luong, the Senior Project Officer (Data Lead) at the WA Alliance to End Homelessness, highlighted an innovative addition to the dashboard.

“We have introduced a new visual element to the dashboard, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of the AtoZ collaboration and Rough Sleepers Coordination Group’s impact on housing individuals,” he said. “The housing placement slider feature enables visitors to adjust the time frame, enabling them to observe the number of people who were housed within any specified period.”

The slider is now accessible on the dashboard.

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