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Institute of Global Homelessness

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (Alliance) has formed a partnership with the Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) thanks to a five-thousand-dollar donation from the City of Perth and key homelessness services within Perth.

The IGH recognises homelessness as a global challenge and it connects researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to one another, to ideas, and to effective practice from around the world. It is the first organisation to focus on homelessness as a global issue, with an emphasis on those who are living on the street or in emergency shelters. The institute aims to support 150 cities to end street homelessness by 2030.

Two of Australia’s capital cities have signed up to become IGH ‘Vanguard Cities’ to focus attention and action on ending homelessness. Sydney was the 10th Vanguard city and NSW the first state to sign up to targets to reduce street sleeping. Adelaide, through the Adelaide Zero Project was the first Australian city to participate.

On the 4 of December the Alliance was part of an international link up hosted by Lydia Stazen the Executive Director of IGH. Alliance Executive Officer John Berger said being a member of IGH will allow the sharing of resources and information “to help end homelessness in WA”.

“We thank the City of Perth for their contribution,” Mr Berger said. “The work done by the Alliance will incorporate best practices already gathered from cities which are ending homelessness around the world.”

The IGH has three strategic priorities.

• See It

Advocate for international homelessness policy focused on definition and measurement.

• Solve It

Partner with cities and countries ready to take concrete action to end homelessness.

• Share It

Connect with network to share innovations and drive global movement.

Read more about the Institute of Global Homelessness here.


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