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Council Matters

In partnership with Shelter WA, we were pleased to meet with the City of Perth Deputy Lord Mayor Sandy Anghie and Cr Di Bain to discuss solutions to end homelessness in the City.

Cr Anghie was presented with the Pledge that she signed during the Mayoral Campaign. She is very keen to work in partnership with the Alliance and Shelter WA and we took the opportunity to provide an update of the work within the sector.

[L-R] John Berger, Executive Officer of Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness; Sandy Anghie, Deputy Lord Mayor; Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA

We encouraged her to explore opportunities in which the City could provide support and leadership. This included opportunities around the Safe Night Space, Common Ground and exploration of other social housing developments within the City. We have agreed to continue to keep each other informed and progress any mutual opportunities.

[L-R] Michelle Mackenzie, CEO of Shelter WA; Cr Di Bain, City of Perth; John Berger, Executive Officer of Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness

In a meeting with Cr Bain her Pledge to work with the sector, signed before the Council elections, was also presented to her. Local government has a key role to play and we look forward to working with the City on evidence based solutions.

At the first City of Perth Ordinary Council Meeting, Council approved an investment of $575,000 to refit 160 Hay Street, East Perth as a Safe Night Space for women.

On 30 July 2019, City of Perth Commissioners endorsed an Interim Homelessness Plan. This action plan includes a 12-month trial to assist in the coordination of homelessness support services and goodwill groups providing service delivery in the inner city. Read it here.


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