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Collaborative Lead Group

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The WA Alliance to End Homelessness has reached the end of its first phase.

The Alliance was established by an initial group of leaders who formed the Facilitating Group and have guided the direction of the Alliance since its inception in 2016.

After conducting a review of the success and work of the Alliance by the Facilitating Group, Alliance Partners and supporters, it was agreed to move into a new phase of the Alliance as it seeks to guide and oversee the implementation of its Vision and Strategy going forward.

We all acknowledge the success of the Alliance especially in relation to the development of the State Government’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness, the development of various cohort and local area plans, strengthening the voice of lived experience and range of other initiatives that have evolved due to the advocacy and direct input of the Alliance.

Given this success, the role and focus of the Facilitating Group will change to have a broader representation and will become a Collaborative Lead Group. This Group will continue to hold the Vision and Strategy of the Alliance but will encompass greater breadth of representation due to the increase in significant stakeholders becoming part of the systems of change.

At the recent Pulse meeting in November, we agreed to make a call out for membership to the Collaborative Lead Group with the following criteria to assist in the nominations process:

- Holds the vision of ending homelessness in 10 years.

- Be a registered partner to the Alliance.

- Commits to act and work within the Values and Principles of the Alliance.

- Committed and able to lead and influence through activities such as advocacy on behalf of the Alliance; convene a stakeholder group; lead/convene Pulse meetings; and support other activities of the Alliance.

- Commit to attending regular Collaboration Lead Group meetings

- In addition to time commitments, there may be a requirement to provide financial support to the Alliance.

The Alliance recognises and is aware that the size and remit of the leadership group needs to facilitate its capacity to succeed. Should we receive a significant number of nominations – then the Alliance will commit to bringing together all nominees to ascertain how best to structure and organise the Lead Collaborative Group that will maximise people’s opportunity to contribute while remaining effective and functional.

We now call for nominations through an Expression of Interest process outlining your demonstrated capacity and ability to contribute and support the (as above) listed criteria.

Your nominations should be addressed to John Berger, Executive Officer, and submitted by the close of business Friday, 20 of December 2019. Email:


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