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Tranby has started the transitional planning stage to re identify the purpose of the service and work in a person centred approach.  Currently Tranby will see on average of 180 clients between 7am till 12 for breakfast, showers, specialist services and referrals to other specialist services.

Moving forward Tranby will be creating a crisis response space that is targeting only rough sleepers for access to essential services such as showers, breakfast, referrals and specialist services this will divide the clients of rough sleepers and the clients that are accommodated but use Tranby to access support, specialist services, social inclusion and other essential services.  Creating this two prong approach will help keep a flow of clients coming through instead of the huge amount first thing in the morning.  Creating consistent and purposeful service delivery will allow staff to able to provide an innovative and flexible response to meet the complex needs of the clients.

Crisis response would run for the first couple of hours and then the service would open up to a social inclusion space for everyone to be welcome. 

Overarching this would be the planned response led by case management services for example Street to Home, HASS and Pathways and other external case management services. These would work in in conjunction with engagement hub support staff to create better wrap around services for clients with an outcomes focused approach.

Tranby is currently in discussions with Ruah around a collaboration model, discussing working closely together to create better pathways and service delivery.

Some ideas that have been discussed as opening and closing times of each centre, dividing responses Tranby would facilitate crisis and Ruah would hold the planned response, do we need two day centres etc etc.

What we do know is that we do need to work together and we are all open at some kind of collaboration model.

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