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The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness serves as a centralised and organised group of committed organisations, government agencies and community partners who bring their collective resources and skills together to collaborate on ways to more quickly remove barriers to help house people faster. 

We live in a state that is rich in resources and talent. We have everything we need to address homelessness and it’s the time to rally together to ensure homelessness is rare brief and a one-off experience.

One of the key challenges to ending homelessness is the distributed and often fragmented system of homelessness response. In any community, many or even dozens of organizations may serve people experiencing homelessness but they are operating as individual specialised groups, without the ability to share information quickly and easily among each other. The Alliance works to establish a unified team that creates a shared vision and accountability for driving homelessness toward zero. They can see the system as a whole and collectively work together to remove those barriers that are impact the people experiencing homelessness.

The Alliance has adopted the Advance to Zero methodology, which means that rather than counting the number of houses provided, we are counting down the number of people experiencing rough sleeping and persistent homelessness, with the aim of reaching ‘functional zero’, using a combination of quality real-time data and service coordination. Functional zero will be achieved when there are enough services, houses, and crisis beds for everyone who needs them. As a result, homelessness is rare, brief and non recurring.

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